Women’s Boots Are Now Available in a Wide Range of Attractive Styles

Of all the different types of women’s footwear that are available these days, some of the most popular are actually various styles of boots. Among the types of women’s boots that are of particular interest these days are lace-up, square-toe and Chelsea boots. For some women, black, biker-style boots and 1960s and ’70s-style go-go boots are more to their liking.

While there are pairs with low heels, medium-high and high heels, most types of lace-up women’s boots are known for providing ankle support.

Some of the different styles of lace-up, women’s boots that are available include waterproof work boots, duck-style booties, combat boots, rain booties and more. There are even high-heeled, lace-up, hiking boots available now.

Combat-style women’s boots have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, and are now available in a wide range of colors. These include white, red, black, grey, black glitter, wheat and pink.

Particularly in inclement weather, combat-style boots can provide stability and protection, while still offering a sense of style.

Square toe women’s boots are more often than not a bootie, or ankle-high style of footwear. There are, however, lots of square-toed western-style women’s boots, as well as attractive ankle booties and knee-high varieties.

Chelsea-style boots and rain boots have also become a favorite type of footwear for women in recent years. These boots are usually ankle-high, with block heels.

Just one of the reasons why women enjoy wearing Chelsea boots is because they are so versatile. These stylish boots are generally quite comfortable, and look great in all sorts of situations. With one side of each shoe featuring a section of stretchable fabric, these shoes are comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

There are suede Chelsea women’s boots with full leather interior linings, formal-style, shiny black options, burgundy leather pairs, and lots of other choices.

One of the more fun and playful styles of women’s boots, go-go boots are usually mid-calf high, with low heels. This type of fashion boot is associated with 1960s and ’70s rock music, and “go-go” dancers.

Today, go-go boots are still popular with women of all ages, and are stocked and sold at many major retailers. While this style of women’s boots is often white in color, there are now green, red, gold, silver and black varieties available.

The right pair of women’s boots can accentuate any type of clothing. There are plenty of boots available today that are not only attractive and comfortable to wear, but also reasonably priced.

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