Sharp Kids

Every Child is Musical!

In Tune! classes are designed to help your child grow and learn in all areas. We want your child to have fun and develop a love of music that will last a lifetime. Our programs are developed by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with many years experience working with children from birth to five years of age.

Your child will enjoy singing, dancing, creative movement, playing a range of musical instruments, puppet and prop play, listening activities, vocal play and echo games, musical story times, action songs, finger play rhymes and group dances using our colourful parachute.

Classes operate on a term by term basis and we have a different theme for each term. Optional home materials are available and include a music CD, an instrument and a book so that you can continue to enhance your child’s musical development throughout the week at home. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 children to ensure that your child receives individual attention during class.

The best in fashionable women’s boots

The winter is still going strong with plenty of cold weather on the way. If you are tired of feeling too cold in your flats or unfashionable in your heavy snow womens boots, then this article is for you. We will propose to you other options for cold weather footwear that will make your winter wardrobe better than ever. Just invest in these womens boots for a sleek footwear options that will take you from work to weekend and everything in between.

1) Combat womens boots to dress up or down!

Combat boots are one of the best pairs of shoes that you can have in your closet. They go with everything from jeans to dresses. Plus, they are look chic with any kind of style from preppy leaning styles to edgier fashion forward looks. Punks have loved combat womens boots since the 60’s with their representation of counter culture ideals.

Today, all styles and aesthetics rock combat boots partially in response to their ability to be chameleons of style as they go with both casual and formal looks. The best combat womens boots can be found store bought or second hand depending on how much you are willing to spend. Each season designer stores come out with new versions of the combat boot, but you can always find vintage versions in your local thrift store. The key is to make sure that the heavy rubber soles are not worn down and that the heels and toes are still in good shape. Most combat womens boots are designed to last through years of use, and you can never go wrong with a pair that are bound to become your favorite shoes.

2) A new take on Chelsea womens boots

Chelsea womens boots are a classic take on the classic laceless boot. Inspired by the Beatles of 60’s London, these boots are now all over the runway. You can find them everywhere from the upper echelons of fashion to the high street. The best Chelsea womens boots take cues from the guys with their masculine edge and style. Wear these with cigarette pants for a bold mod look. However, they also look great with stylish stud detailing to make them more edgy. Pair these with dresses for a year round look that will make anyone jealous!

Chelsea boots were once the height of fashion for stylish men in the swinging era of fashion during the early 60’s. Today, men and women love them for their ability to transcend all looks thanks to their easy styling. The most classic pairs come in black with elongated toes, but you can find them in any color from white to metallic lizard. Pick your favorite for a look that will be off the charts.

As you can see, these are some of the best pairs of womens boots that you can own. These will elevate your style beyond the everyday. Pick up several pairs of each to really show off how dazzling your footwear can actually be in person.

Women’s Boots Are Now Available in a Wide Range of Attractive Styles

Of all the different types of women’s footwear that are available these days, some of the most popular are actually various styles of boots. Among the types of women’s boots that are of particular interest these days are lace-up, square-toe and Chelsea boots. For some women, black, biker-style boots and 1960s and ’70s-style go-go boots are more to their liking.

While there are pairs with low heels, medium-high and high heels, most types of lace-up women’s boots are known for providing ankle support.

Some of the different styles of lace-up, women’s boots that are available include waterproof work boots, duck-style booties, combat boots, rain booties and more. There are even high-heeled, lace-up, hiking boots available now.

Combat-style women’s boots have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, and are now available in a wide range of colors. These include white, red, black, grey, black glitter, wheat and pink.

Particularly in inclement weather, combat-style boots can provide stability and protection, while still offering a sense of style.

Square toe women’s boots are more often than not a bootie, or ankle-high style of footwear. There are, however, lots of square-toed western-style women’s boots, as well as attractive ankle booties and knee-high varieties.

Chelsea-style boots and rain boots have also become a favorite type of footwear for women in recent years. These boots are usually ankle-high, with block heels.

Just one of the reasons why women enjoy wearing Chelsea boots is because they are so versatile. These stylish boots are generally quite comfortable, and look great in all sorts of situations. With one side of each shoe featuring a section of stretchable fabric, these shoes are comfortable, and easy to put on and take off.

There are suede Chelsea women’s boots with full leather interior linings, formal-style, shiny black options, burgundy leather pairs, and lots of other choices.

One of the more fun and playful styles of women’s boots, go-go boots are usually mid-calf high, with low heels. This type of fashion boot is associated with 1960s and ’70s rock music, and “go-go” dancers.

Today, go-go boots are still popular with women of all ages, and are stocked and sold at many major retailers. While this style of women’s boots is often white in color, there are now green, red, gold, silver and black varieties available.

The right pair of women’s boots can accentuate any type of clothing. There are plenty of boots available today that are not only attractive and comfortable to wear, but also reasonably priced.

Cocktail Dresses & Possibilities

Dressing like a self-assured and updated woman of contemporary times isn’t and hasn’t ever been easy. That’s due to the fact that style choices only seem to become more overwhelming as time goes on. Styles change seemingly in the blink of an eye. Modern consumers can pick between all kinds of style options for women, too. If you’re a chic lady who is on the lookout for apparel that you can wear to a formal night event, then you may want to concentrate on the world of cocktail dresses.

Cocktail dresses in most situations end around the knee area. They frequently end right on top of the knee area as well. If you’re planning on going to any kind of dinner party, then it may be intelligent to put a bit of time into researching your choices in cocktail dresses. Cocktail dresses at people to feel wonderful at dances. They enable people to feel wonderful at birthday bashes, “going away” celebrations and black tie extravaganzas in general. 

A hunt for cocktail dresses can often seem maddening and confusing. The evening wear scene undergoes adjustments and transformations seemingly nonstop. If a consumer looks away for a second, she may practically lose track. Tried and tested cocktail dress styles have been dazzling consumers for decades and years. Consumers have been seeing dresses that are composed of beads, lace, sequins and mesh for longer than they can communicate.

They’ve even been seeing metal choices for quite a while at this point. Dresses that are part of the cocktail sector can work out well for dates with promising suitors, work functions in the middle of the city, weddings and so much more. If you have an invitation in your mail for a close buddy’s housewarming event, then it may be a sign that you need to go shopping for a superb dress.

Cocktail dresses are flattering on all kinds of figures. They can look breathtaking on women who are svelte, voluptuous, thin, shorter and everywhere in between. If you’re looking to explore evening wear pieces that can accentuate all of your greatest physical traits, then the cocktail path may work out wonderfully for you. It’s no wonder that the majority of women own at least one or two dresses that fall under this umbrella. Cocktail dresses are a piece of cake to find in various materials, patterns and styles. Shop cocktail dresses now at

If you have a penchant for enduring and classic black, you should be able to unveil all kinds of A+ cocktail options. If you’re fond of colors that are perhaps somewhat more unforgettable, you should be able to learn all about cocktail pieces that are bright red, bright blue, peach, purple, yellow and white. It isn’t even unheard of to find cocktail dresses that are made in arresting prints. These kinds of dresses are actually pretty respected lately. Fans of cocktail pieces never have to compromise or settle.